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A lean product for a saturated market? This digital print label does the trick.

Labels A lean product for a saturated market? This digital print label does the trick.


by Danny Mertens

Hellenic olive oil producer ELAION has been delivering premium olive oil to a market more saturated than butter. So how do you sell a quality product in a market that doesn’t always sell quality products? Match your label to your product – go lean to keep it pure.

Flint Group Print Awards 2017 Food Category

Food label for Elaion, produced by GS Labelprint, Greece

Keeping it simple sounds easy enough, but anyone in the food industry can testify it really isn’t. On top of irregularities and alterations to take into account, keeping the label quality consistent is a constant challenge. GS Labelprint turned to Xeikon to keep the devil out of the details and secure meticulous rendering. An impeccable quality was all it took to elevate the product as a stand-out in the market.

The end-result?

Mission accomplished for GS Labels, with a client raving about the increased brand recognition this label established on the shelves.

The customer – GS Labelprint, Greece:

“Quality prevails when expectations are high. We knew we could rely on the Xeikon 3030 to meet high standards and deliver an excellent outcome. Digital printing is the future of the label industry, that’s our motto. This label paves the way to expand our level of digital print expertise.” 

The Xeikon team:

“There is beauty in simplicity and this label shows how. A good attribution of white ink and flawless rendition of the design really illustrate the pureness of the content of the package. The purity of this label is done justice by the Xeikon 3030 tech specs, this makes us proud.”

The judges:

“A celebration of the highlighting capabilities and meticulous resolution rendering of the Xeikon 3030. An exceptional harmony of ink and print.”

Tech specs:

Customer: GS Labelprint    
Printed on digital press: Xeikon 3030 
Inks and colors used: QA-I Toners 5 colors
Label substrate material: Labels
Digital advantage: The absolute quality that is rendered by the high resolution and the capability of printing up to 1 point, delivers a unique print result
Embellishing effects:    Silver foil combined with in-house knowledge and expertise


For LabelExpo Europe, printers from all over the world shared their custom label prints produced on their Xeikon digital label press to participate in the Flint Group Print Awards 2017. This Label Xtraordinaire won in the food category for the Flint Group Print Awards 2017.