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Your big break into walldeco

Meeting every entry level need with full automation.

From a jumbo-reel of raw product to a finished end product, this solution is ideal for the ambitious printer aspiring to professionalize their wall decoration production… while keeping investment lower than most.

Your goals, fulfilled

Welcome to the first step into a bigger, more lucrative market

The aim: To provide high quality wall decoration at competitive pricing. With shorter time to market, your customer can now secure higher margins and obtain increased volume capability.

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

Xeikon promises lower costs of printing than what the entry-level customer is used to, even though they may have already invested in another piece of entry-level equipment.

Fully automated workflow

Producing your existing volume at a faster pace has never been easier. Enter end to end production, with even variable data (customer information, barcodes etc) being generated automatically.

Good print quality + productivity

With even our slowest production press running 300m²/hour (a quantum leap when compared to competitor speeds) a shorter delivery time, even next day delivery, is now an easy guarantee.

Superior sustainability

Reducing your CO2 footprint goes a long way, even more so in the eyes of the modern customer. With our CO2 calculator, grant your clients better visibility of their environmental impact.

The solution

3050 Rex Thumb

3050 Rex

Entry level wall decoration press that allows you to embark on your digital journey.

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QB-I toner has been refined to meet the requirements of the label and packaging industry, including lightfastness and stringent food safety regulations. The performance in terms of image quality and eco-friendliness remains the same compared to QA-I toner.

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The X-800 guarantees superior and consistent print quality in combination with industry-leading productivity. XML-based automation and integration helps ensure that more jobs are processed faster with minimal human intervention. This improves accuracy, ensures repeatability and reduces errors, allowing you to achieve industry-leading productivity.

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Not sure where to start?

Enhance your solution

Management Information System

Your internal software for operations, MIS guarantees easy integration and a seamless link to Web2print systems.

Web Varnishing Module

The Xeikon Web Varnishing Module is a compact unit that can apply UV or aqueous flood varnish on a wide range of substrates including self-adhesive label materials, coated papers, unsupported films and coated paper board.

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Boost your solution with...

Xeikon Color Management Solutions

Guarantee the stability and consistency of colours throughout production runs.

Xeikon Barcode Module

Xeikon's X-800 Barcode Module enables inline generation of high-quality, industry-specific barcodes. All standard barcodes can be generated, complete with check-digit support if required. Customers have full control over barcode size, color, background and whether or not a text version is also required underneath.

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Find out what you can create with this solution

Beverages Thumb
Brochures and Magazines Thumb
Brochures and Magazines
Calendars Thumb
Cards Thumb

Optimise your operations

Xeikon Business Services

Boost your agility by getting real-time insights into the performance of your digital operation. Identify the bottlenecks and areas of improvement or discover untapped production potential. As such you are sure to operate at the best cost all through this cloud-based solution connected to all the Xeikon equipment (converting printing press, embellishing press, workflow,) and make your operation the go-to solution for your clients. Xeikon Business Services.

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