QA-CD toner

QA-CD Toner has been specially developed to run on the Xeikon 9000 series, which was launched in 2015.

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QA-CD Toner has been especially designed for documents and commercial applications. To ensure flawless print quality even at speeds of 21.5 m/min, the charging characteristics of the OPC drum were modified, which in turn required changes to the charging and transfer geometry of the toner. In addition, the toner production process has been optimized.

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Toner specifications

Key benefits

Recyclable/ Odorless/ Environmentally friendly

Print resolution

Enables high-quality printing ( 1200 dpi resolution)


Best score in class

Available colors

CMYK , white, blue, red, green, Xmagenta, SuperBlack + Custom spot program

Substrate support

Compatible with conventional substrates

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