PantherCure UV LED Inks

Xeikon PantherCure LED curing technology takes the Xeikon Panther Digital inkjet series to a new ecological level of performance.

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Panther LED curing is a game-changer, cutting daily energy use by up to 59kWh. It's one of the greenest choices out there, emitting only the necessary energy required to durably cure our new PantherCure LED inks.

The new LED lamp lasts 10 times longer, improving efficiency and cutting costs. Say goodbye to mercury bulbs, and enjoy minimal warm-up and cool-down times.

Print confidently with PantherCure LED inks, offering a wide color range (94% ∆E3) and maintaining high durability standards. It's the smart choice for top-notch prints with a strong commitment to the environment.

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Ink specifications

Cost improvement

Reduces daily energy use by 59kWh + Longer LED bulb lifespan minimizes replacement parts.

Equipment Efficiency (OEE) improvement

Instant operation with no warm-up or cool-down time + Consistent curing throughout LED lifespan.

Key benefits

Broad color Gamut up to 94% ∆E3 + Haptic printing and single pass opaque white.


Attractive tactile properties and uniform high gloss.


Highly resistant to scuffs, scratches, chemicals, and heat + Excellent lightfastness (Bluewool Scale 6-8).


No SVHCs; fully complies with RoHS and EuPIA standards.

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