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Xeikon digital technology inspires business growth in South America


by Marco Avanzi

Davis Graphics S.A. has been appointed Xeikon’s new dealer in Chile. This further extends an already successful cooperation that began in 2013.

Davis Graphics S.A.

Based in Santiago, the company was established in 1968 as part of the Davis Group. 85% of the company’s business comes from the Chilean wine industry and demand is high for competitive, creative, high-quality labels. With its long-standing technical experience of all facets of the printing industry, Davis Graphics works with leading global label and packaging manufacturers such as CCL Industries and has recently been awarded ‘Best Supplier of the Year 2020’ by Asimpres, the Graphic Arts Association in Chile. Davis Graphics is looking to expand into other regions in South America and will supply and support a range of Xeikon’s digital products with an initial focus on its unique dry toner technologies for the Label & Packaging sectors.

LAbel industry in South America

Davis Graphics General Manager, Felipe Arias says, “The label industry in South America continues to flourish and we are now doing business in other countries. Our company focus, in the beginning, was only in Chile. This new appointment from Xeikon will enable us to broadly extend our services to cover six countries within the continent. Our relationship with Xeikon started with an investment in a dry toner machine and this inspired the popularity in our country for their innovative technology. We are now doing business in Argentina supporting also Paraguay and Uruguay. We are also set to open an office in Peru by the end of this year, which will support Bolivia.” 

Chile is a leading exporter of wine and one of the top five in the world. Argentina is listed in the top 10. The food, wine and spirits industries have a significant share in the economy of these regions. Suppliers to these regions are behind the technology drive and businesses looking for new revenue streams are keen to invest in the latest equipment. Arias continues, “Xeikon’s popularity continues to grow in this part of the world. Their advanced dry toner technology with food safety accreditation is proving a winner for the food and drinks industries in Chile. Now we can extend the opportunity and offer Xeikon’s leading technologies in other countries. Our strategy is to offer a complete solution – from prepress to finishing. We want to make sure that each customer has the best choice of options and every opportunity for business growth and new revenue streams. At Davis Graphics we hope to offer something different – something extra.”

Customer satisfaction

Up until the start of the current global pandemic, Felipe Arias was traveling to different parts of the world every month. His company invested a lot in research in Europe, USA and Asia - always on the lookout for new technologies and solutions for its customers in Chile.  Davis Graphics has built a secure business on the promise of sharing its expertise and knowledge and supplying the latest innovative technologies. Customers are known to go to the company and ask for help in finding specific equipment to achieve different production techniques and technical effects and Davis Graphics will not rest until they have found a solution for the customer. 

Felipe Arias explains, “It is vitally important for us to satisfy our customer’s needs.  There have been times on my travels when I have come across the answer to a customer’s question. Our business is based on customer satisfaction. Before we sell any machine, we send our technicians to the manufacturer to learn every aspect of the technology of the equipment. We send our technicians all the way to Belgium to Xeikon’s training classes. This gives us the advantage we are looking for and offers us first hand, in-depth knowledge of Xeikon’s portfolio and its technical capabilities.  We are very aware that if we want to grow our business we need to be bold and think differently. We continue to focus on training and education for all our staff. One of the benefits we now have as a company is our strong technical knowledge and expertise in all facets of the printing industries. We believe this strategy not only strengthens our customer service offering but ensures that suppliers, such as Xeikon with leading technological innovation, are properly represented in our country and in our regions.” 

Trustworthy and reliable partner

Marco Avanzi, Sales Director Indirect Channels concludes; “We recognise Davis Graphics as a trustworthy and reliable partner to represent us in these regions with similar vision and values as Xeikon - to provide customers with total innovative digital solutions from prepress to print through to finishing which together offer the maximum choice of opportunities for business growth and profitability. Davis Graphics' main success over the years has been to respond effectively to its customers in terms of its portfolio range plus technical support and advice.  Xeikon is delighted to have this opportunity to further develop and drive digital technology growth in South America.” 

About Davis Graphics

The company’s origins date back to 1899 with the commercial activities of Davisco S.A. Davis Graphics S.A. was created in 1968 as a division of the Davis Group. The company offers advanced technical knowledge and a deeper understanding of the printing industry as well as a comprehensive portfolio of equipment and total solutions. Company values are Loyalty, Honesty, Respect and Transparency. Their motivation is to establish successful long-term relationships with clients, suppliers and collaborators in the graphic arts sector in order to better satisfy their needs. Clients are the flexographic, wide web, narrow web and corrugated printing industries - also offset printing and pre-press. Suppliers are recognized, world-class manufacturers with whom they share a vision for customer service in long-term relationships. Davis Graphics’ mission is to provide reliable and timely integral solutions to every client at each stage of the production process - to equip them with efficient solutions that help maximize their profitability. Based in Santiago, Chile the company employs up to 50 staff and is planning to open an office in Peru in the coming months.

About CCL

A global packaging pioneer for over 60 years, CCL is the largest label converter and manufacturer of premium packaging and label solutions in the world with operations in 42 countries over 6 continents. Their labels and packaging business in Santiago, Chile produces wine, spirits and beverage labels.

About Asimpres

Asimpres is the Chilean Association for Graphics Arts. Establish 90 years ago, Asimpress brings together printers, converters and graphic companies in Chile to represent their interests, share information, offer training and education and help promote business development and sustainability.