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NoviPrint partners with Xeikon to streamline digital label production


by Danny Mertens

Lier, Belgium — February 1, 2024 — “Our labels are really sticky shit”, headlines NoviPrint’s website. Humor is always around the corner but one thing is sure, this Dutch label company has a lot of drive and the mission statement is bold: whatever label is needed, they can do it.

Therefore, of course, they need to innovate and stay at the forefront of the industry. NoviPrint identified the need for a higher-volume digital press to accommodate the recent surge in volume and shorter print runs. After carefully considering available options, they chose to go with a Xeikon press for its outstanding application versatility in both food and non-food sectors and its advanced workflow capabilities.

NoviPrint based in Dordrecht, employs 25 people and does business across the Netherlands, Europe, Africa and South America. They produce labels for all kinds of markets like logistics, food, flora, healthcare and industrial. They specialize in Auto-ID for which they are a full-service provider, also offering label printers and scanners.

Their Xeikon press is equipped with ICE toner. This type of dry-toner uses a different core resin to enable fusing at significantly lower temperatures which makes it suitable for printing on heat-sensitive substrates, such as PE and direct thermal paper labels which is a requirement for NoviPrint for their activities in the label market.

" “We are proud to announce the addition of a Xeikon digital label press to our machinery”
- Eric Springvloed , NoviPrint’s general manager

This allows us to expand further and optimize our print shop operations, enabling us to offer our customers an even wider range of labels. The support from Xeikon has been very pleasant throughout."

NoviPrint's strategic decision to invest in Xeikon technology demonstrates their commitment to providing top-notch label printing services while efficiently adapting to market trends. Xeikon presses are renowned for their reliability, speed, and high-quality output, making them an ideal solution for printers seeking to optimize their operations.

“Since its beginning, Xeikon invested continuously to stay on top of digital workflow. It's great to see that dynamic and innovative companies like NoviPrint recognize this”, says Danny Mertens, Xeikon’s marketing manager, “NoviPrint is passionate about their work and chooses reliable partners that ‘click’ with this philosophy. It makes us proud to be part of this.”


Xeikon, a division of Flint Group, is a long-standing leader and innovator in digital printing technology. Grounded in the principles of quality, flexibility and sustainability, Xeikon designs develops and delivers digital colour presses for label and packaging applications as well as graphic arts and commercial printing. These printing machines work with different imaging technologies, open workflow software and application-specific consumables.

Xeikon is Flint Group’s “Digital Printing Solutions” division for the leading global print consumables and solution provider to the packaging and print media industries. Flint Group develops and manufactures an extensive portfolio of consumables for the printing industry. These include a vast range of conventional and energy-curable inks and coatings, press room chemicals, and pigments and additives for use in inks and other colorant applications. The Flint Group is based in Luxembourg and employs around 5500 people. On a worldwide basis, the company is the number one or number two supplier in every major market segment it serves.

For more information about Xeikon, visit and for Flint Group, visit or contact:

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