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A pouch is essentially a laminated bag which is made from several layers (plastic film, aluminum foil, and other materials). Marketers see a lot of value in this kind of packaging for a variety of reasons such as product presentation and functionality to the consumer but also sustainability: a pouch has a so-called “product-to-package” ratio of 35:1 which essentially means it can carry up to 35 times its own weight, resulting in less energy consumption to produce and transport. This is why a lot of brands are transitioning from rigid types of packaging to more flexible versions. Pouches can have a variety of different shapes depending on the needed size, end-use application and functionality. They are reasonable complex to manufacture as a pouch is a multi-layer product. Stand-up pouches are frequently called “bottom gusset” pouches. They can stand after being filled with a certain product. They are the perfect solution for “light weight” end-use applications and by “standing” they have a strong on-the-shelf presence.

What is the value of digital printing?

More SKU’s, shorter lead-times and the rising popularity of this packaging product drive the need for digital production. It allows for JIT production, versioning and quick language adaptations. Furthermore, digital printing with Xeikon offers:

  • high print quality

  • a cross-over with flexo of at least 4,000 linear meter

  • no start-up costs

  • no job changeover costs on the same print media

  • ability to print unlimited number versions (SKU’s) in one go

  • ability to print single and full color variable information, integrated in the pouch

Production details

Here you can see a pouch sample printed on a Xeikon CX500 digital press.

  • Substrate: D&K ADB 1/2

  • Toner: Cheetah toner CMYK + White, Coating Michelman Digiprime 4453

  • Finishing: Xeikon Web Varnishing Module, Xeikon Print Medium Rewinder

  • The CX500 has been the press of choice since its 516 mm (20.3") web width allows for productive solution. The full rotary printing architecture enables any length of labels without productivity loss.

Self-adhesive labelling - Pouches

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