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Self-adhesive Labelling

Beer labels Val Dieu



The number of microbreweries is exploding across the globe, all creating these small masterpieces to the likes of each individual. The nature of this business is that these are small batches which might only exist for one edition. This creates a whole range of short-run labels which, when the filling line has a SA label applicator, are perfect for the Xeikon digital label presses. Certain countries require the labels to be washed of during the recycling process. Specific glues have been developed by self-adhesive label substrate manufacturers.

What is the value of digital printing?

The growing trend of craft beers and more diversity in the beer market create a need for shorter runs. There are a large number of microbreweries across the globe who are bringing ever more specialized and seasonal beers to market. Digital printing offers them the ability to produce these shorter run-lengths at an affordable price, and without compromising on their existing brand colors or quality.

With this digital production solution you also benefit from:
dry toner technology: ability to print on standard paper label substrates not requiring a surcharge for just the substrate
1200 dpi: ensures high quality graphics, offset look-a-like
330 (13”) or 508 (20”) web width: broad range of productivity offered through different web widths

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