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Axelerate for Lotus Labels


by Matina Benia

production audit, skills & knowledge training, onsite color management assistance, explore security printing, 25% volume growth in 3 months

New business with our first Xeikon

The Xeikon 3300 digital toner press is actually our first Xeikon. We were able to just integrate it into our current line-up. No extra airco needed, no specific industrial requirements: it runs. And we can continue using the substrates we always have been using for flexo. No treatment needed.

We knew beforehand that it would take about two years to have it running as an integral and full part of our business. But that’s only logical, since we set out to create new business with it, and it takes time to develop a new client base. Security printing is a new directtion we want to explore.

Plus, we aim to keep more jobs inhouse which we used to outsource, and run more jobs for customers, especially the ones that were not that profitable on flexo.


“Enter Axelerate, which has been there for us from the start "
- Andreas Schillinger, Managing Director Lotus Labels, East Sussex (UK)

Time and resource saver

It basically comes down to Xeikon sharing all their experience and knowledge with us, so we don’t start from scratch. Quite helpful, for example, as production advise, is their large database of materials tested. Huge time and resource saver. They helped us explore the possibilities of security printing too.

Later on, as our press had been running for a while, Axelerate worked a process of constant development and improvement happening. A software upgrade helped us reduce waste, and solve an oil substance release issue.

For color control, Xeikon’s feedback system and onsite audit helped us to get or colors right faster and easier, which saved us even more time and material, and make our customers happier.

The result? We’re right on target now. We’ve seen our volume grow with 25% during the last 3 months.”


Axelerate has been helping us in two ways: business acceleration and production improvement"
- Andreas Schillinger, Managing Director Lotus Labels, East Sussex (UK)