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Axelerate for Leaderform


by Matina Benia

Production audit and training, scripting, maintenance, color consistency, 15% volume increase, 3 shift production enabled, future opportunities explored

Leading printing service provider

“We run one of the largest facilities of the print industry in our sector. From Sona, Verona, we operate as a dedicated printing service provider, including, well, printing, enveloping and multi-channel delivery for direct marketing, transactional and book printing purposes.

We’re in business with Xeikon since 2016. So after running for quite a while, we saw potential to get more out of our set-up, on different levels.

Aiming for 2 shifts

We were running enough volume for 2 shifts by that time, so we wanted to optimize production that way. Moreover, we wanted to minimize waste and get our operators’ skills and knowledge up to speed.


“With Axelerate, we have increased our volume by 15%”
- Ivan Marchi, General Manager, Leaderform, Verona, IT

From scripting to best practices

So the Xeikon Axelerate team spent a week at our facilities, training our people and monitoring how we handled our jobs. Their analysis resulted in advice for our scripting methodology, maintenance procedures and color consistency, including best practices. Moreover, they looked ahead and proposed future opportunities as well.

A clear success. With Axelerate, we have increased our volume by 15% due to uptime efficiency. We have managed to reduce our toner costs by an estimated 10 to 20%.  We have substantially minimized waste and as for volume growth, we are ready to move to a 3 shift production. I’d say we have succesfully shifted gears.
Moreover, we could go even further. During the audit, we’ve been exploring several  options for the future, in terms of volume and printing techniques but also in terms of diversification. Versatility is built in, and it’s good to know we have different routes we can take.”


“We’ve definitely realised our potential for growth.”
- Ivan Marchi, General Manager, Leaderform, Verona, IT