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Deliver small orders cost-efficiently

Looking to print books in various formats and in small quantities? With short-run book printing, you can deliver print-on-demand books at an affordable price, while offering the same quality, colors and finishing capabilities as offset printing. Complement your offset printing with Xeikon’s roll-to-sheet solution.

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Your goals, fulfilled

Discover high-quality short-run book printing to reach your targets.

The aim: to provide a smart, high-quality and profitable solution to small printing orders.

Discover digital book printing tailored to you

Whether you currently rely on sheet-fed or roll-fed book production, Xeikon provides a digital printing solution that matches your existing infrastructure for maximum efficiency.

Print high-quality assets

No need to compromise on quality or book formats with digital printing. Enjoy superior book production and book finishing that surpasses traditional offset printing.

Test the market strategically

Are you unsure how well an asset will sell? Short-run book printing is the perfect solution for printing books anywhere below 2000 copies. A safe and affordable way to test out the market.

Discover the technology behind our digital book printing

At Xeikon, we use dry toner electrophotography to print excellent results. Why? Because the quality is consistently great, it allows for unlimited ink coverage, and ensures that we can print high-resolution images with darkly-colored details. To top it off, Xeikon’s dry toner can print on any substrate without pretreatment, which means you can perfectly print on the paper you’re familiar with.  

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Level up your book printing with these applications

Why should you choose Xeikon & digital printing?

With Xeikon’s printing presses, you get to experience ultimate freedom and flexibility in your book production. Discover digital full-color printing that can produce high-resolution photographic images, even on large formats. Perfect for your high-end coffee table book or layflat photobook. Decide what printing paper to use, coated or not, pre-treated or not, our digital printers are fine with both. To top it off, our printers care about the planet and print with 100 % deinkability for a sustainable result. Want to combine all these features with third-party software? Don’t let us stop you. Your Xeikon printer, your choice. 

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Academic Publishing Business Peeters transitions to full digital production Thumb


Academic Publishing Business Peeters transitions to full digital production

Digital printing replaces offset to make quality book printing operations future proof.Peeters, a Belgian family business, is a printer, a bookstore and a renowned ...

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