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Looking for a smart printing partner? We’ve got your back

Labels Looking for a smart printing partner? We’ve got your back


by Danny Mertens

At Xeikon, we love automated workflows. Not just because they reduce the workload but also, and more importantly, because they speed up the workflow process and reduce the risk of human error. With Xeikon as you printing partner, label converters can make full use of numerous smart applications, such as OXO and hot folders. Combined they make for a very effective tool that label converters can use to produce a high number of individual labels. It’s not only smart, it’s also highly effective. 

Looking for a smart printing partner? We’ve got your back

Say a client hands over a print job that requires you to produce 50 or more variations of a label in different quantities – which is happening more frequently now than ever before. With the order, you also receive an Excel sheet containing the variable data – name, colors, size, materials, quantity/version … Evidently, with these numbers, flexo production is not an option. Still, even digital label converters will struggle to get all the data processed on their digital front-end. One option would be to do it manually, although this would take up a lot of time and increase the risk of human error.

Automated variable data printing solutions

At Xeikon, we see great value in an automated approach. And that’s where OXO comes in. OXO stands for an Object-Orientated Matrix Programming Language file which automatically presents variable data from an Excel file to your X-800 hot folder (folders which are associated with a specific set of functions). Using OXO and hot folders combined, all the label converter needs to do is drop the customer’s file into the hot folder and let the computer systems do the rest.

Automating this process saves a great deal of time, eliminates the potential for human error and enables label converters to create higher volumes of higher-quality digital labels in a short time frame. As a result, clients receive their labels correctly, on time and with no code duplication.

Xeikon as your dedicated smart partner

Digital printing is a gateway to an entirely new way of working. Boosting cost efficiency digital technology offers unseen possibilities in terms of automation and variable printing at high-quality. However, digital printing can also help expand your business.

The above example illustrates how a dedicated printing press supplier can help distinguish your business from competition by offering smart solutions. Even relatively simple ideas, such as OXO, can yield great results.

At Xeikon, we take value in our partnerships with clients. Listening to their stories we gain access to valuable information from the industry, which our experts then use to innovate our products and even come up with tailer-made solutions. Also, the Xeikon Aura Partner Network brings together information about our partners – such as CERM, LabelTraxx, chili-publish, Adobe, Agfa, Esko, Kodak and Pantone – and their integrated solutions in a centralized location and as a professional networking source. This way, we always have access to the latest technological innovations.