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Xeikon Business services

Drive your printing performance through data analytics

Xeikon Business Services offers powerful analytics and data about your printing press performance. The cloud platform enables you to gain detailed and general insights into your printing efficiency, usage part consumption, historic and future printing volume and more.

Xeikon Business Services, drive your printing performance through data analytics.

XBS provides you key insights into your production process

Operators & production managers

  • Follow up on (over)consumption of usage parts

  • Compare performance between owned engines and/or time periods

  • Follow up on OEE for a better understanding of their engine output

  • Track the performance measured on all work orders

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Managing directors

  • Track and analyse operational data (revenue, costs…)

  • Integrate printing performance into your reporting (Excel export available)

  • Track and analyse machine data (clicks/linear meters/ft, printing hours…)

  • Compare between your owned engines, and benchmark the performance against the industry

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How can you integrate Xeikon Business Services into your company? Contact our experts.