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Xeikon Café North America - State of the industry (part 2/2)


Duration 47:04

The single biggest driver towards digitally printed labels and corrugated packaging right now is not a demand from consumers for more versioning, but rather by retailers who need more timely, descriptive information at point of purchase. In many regions the retail industry is struggling to find qualified labor, often settling for a workforce that needs clearer, simpler instructions, and a consumer population that is more dependent upon self-service than ever before. Digitally printed labels and corrugated packaging, just-in-time, on-target, are solving some of these labor related challenges right now. (Part 2/2)

Marco Boer is recognized as a trusted consultant to the digital printing industry. He has a reputation for being able to put complex information and concepts into a context that is easily understood by his audience. With more than 30 years of experience in advising digital printing equipment and supplies manufacturers on developing the next generation of digital printing technology, Mr. Boer has developed a deep understanding of digital printing technology and its applications. I.T. Strategies, Inc. conducts and delivers research data, offers interpretation and advice, identifies specific opportunities, and helps organizations implement these strategies to achieve effective solutions. Mr. Boer has been the Conference Chair of the popular IJ Summit and Digital Packaging Summit since 2014, and actively participates on many advisory boards across the industry.