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Seeking stellar short-runs?

Ideal for any printing company that wants to cater to the shrinking market volumes of any application, enter the SIRIUS… bringing the highest digital quality on the market

Add on to existing digital print equipment or acquire as your main short-run press, our latest from the SIRIUS family is an all-in-one powerhouse.

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Your goals, fulfilled

The enhanced ability to keep up with just in time printing demands.

The aim: Quick responses to any variety of short-mid volume applications, maintaining the highest standards in quality.

Quality and affordability all the way

Make your customer’s investment count, with unmatched short run quality that opens doors to a modern market operating on shorter runs.

Complementarity with other printing technologies

Integration with conventional tech such as offset (or even inkjet printing) is now a straightforward process, guaranteeing stability through each step… with a crossover point that proves highly advantageous.

Sustainable technology with high productivity

Providing easy deinking (for the recycling process) and using toners that are safe, odor and Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) free, the SIRIUS is the most sustainable option in the market.

" "Our Xeikon is the most flexible asset in our organization"
- PGE , Italy

The solution

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The SX30000 is a new, ground breaking press, built on Xeikon’s revolutionary SIRIUS technology. It’s designed to be the corner stone of your profitable printing business delivering a series of unique benefits.

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Xeikon’s toner for commercial print applications has been specifically developed by the company and is produced in Belgium. It contains no VOC, is odourless, eco-friendly and safe to dispose of as well as EN 15102 compliant.

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The X-800 guarantees superior and consistent print quality in combination with industry-leading productivity. XML-based automation and integration helps ensure that more jobs are processed faster with minimal human intervention. This improves accuracy, ensures repeatability and reduces errors, allowing you to achieve industry-leading productivity.

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Print Medium Supply

A high capacity roll unwinder, compatible with the latest generation of Xeikon digital presses.

Roll to sheet

From a roll of substrate to a finished sheet of output that directly gets sorted onto the jogging table.

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Web Finishing Module

For wax emulsion for protection + jogger table

Pile High Stacker

Xeikon’s range of stackers is specifically designed to create neat piles inline; processing a great variety of printed products, from posters and leaflets to brochures and folding carton work.

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This solution paves the way for...

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Brochures and Magazines
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Services we provide

Xeikon provides full installation, service and warranty of any 3rd party equipment, allowing your customer to benefit from one single point of contact.

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