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Xeikon appoints Novacel Hellas to expand growth in Greece & Cyprus


by Danny Mertens

Novacel Hellas Ltd has been appointed Xeikon’s dealer for Greece and Cyprus. Based in Athens, the internationally recognised company provides packaging services and products to the Print & Packaging, Industrial and Food & Diagnostic sectors in Greece’s growing market segments.

Novacel Hellas Ltd

The company is contracted to offer the full range of Xeikon products for the Commercial and Label & Packaging sectors to cover all market requirements in the area.

Novacel Business Director, Dimitris Spyropoulos says, “We are delighted to go forward with this partnership. This will take our business to new levels. Xeikon’s digital innovation is at the forefront of technology today and will bring new and exciting opportunities to our customers in Greece and Cyprus and in the longer term, other regions. The Greek economy has been in a deep crisis since 2008 but despite the current global pandemic, companies are now seeing elements of definite improvements both in private, national consumption and Greek exports. Printing is benefiting from both of these trends. It is our strong belief that Xeikon hardware and software have repeatedly proven its validity, quality and reliability. We find Xeikon at the forefront of technology today with the most integrated portfolio of digital equipment “

With its mission of Team Spirit, Responsibility and Innovation, Novacel Hellas has sustained steady, year on year business growth since it was established in 1996. The company continues to expand operations and add value for its customers and stakeholders. Customer service is high on its list of priorities and they state that they highly regard the development of trust between themselves and their partners. Novacel Hellas’ first cooperation was with Xeikon’s parent company Flint and today printing remains at the core of the company’s business. They regard the printing industry as a ‘safe house’ and see great potential in the Greek food and packaging industries. 

The company was established by three enthusiastic entrepreneurs, Dimitris Spyropoulos, Dennis Raftopoulos and Costas Spyropoulos and today the small family-run business has grown into an internationally recognised enterprise. Their annual turnover was at the level of 7.6M EUR in 2019 with a forecast of being close to 9.0M EUR by the end of 2020. With a structured business model focused on all aspects within the packaging sector, the company is also developing promising market segments such as Food & Food Safety, Recycling Solutions and 3PL services.


Spyropoulos concludes, “The new partnership with Xeikon is an important one for us and follows our strong relationship with Flint. With Xeikon’s innovative and world-leading digital technology we know we will be able to offer our customers excellent strategic choices to find new opportunities and grow their business. With Xeikon’s unique dry toner technology for food-safe printing, advanced UV inkjet technology, now with water-based inks, this is the most integrated portfolio of digital equipment delivering at every step of any given digital production process. We are very impressed with their advanced X-800 software enabling any operator to diversify with a huge number of creative applications beating any competition today. Our plan is to help Xeikon obtain the leading market position in Greece, Cyprus and in the longer term, surrounding regions. Xeikon products will expand our product portfolio but importantly it will move our business into a different dimension – from being mainly a product provider to a solutions based organisation.” 

Xeikon quote, “Novacel Hellas is the perfect partner for Xeikon in this region. They can now offer a digital transformation platform to Greek and Cypriot customers with our fully integrated state-of-the-art software & hardware packages – helping printers transform their operations towards a digital future.”