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Xeikon and Sappi in sweet collaboration


by Danny Mertens

Candy packs produced with Xeikon TITON toner technology and Sappi Seal Silk paper demonstrate a sustainable and fully recyclable packaging solution that is also food-safe.

Xeikon, in collaboration with Sappi, has introduced an innovative, food-safe flexible packaging solution for sweets, featuring the "Maoam Chew Fruit Mix" candy packs. These packs are made with Xeikon's pioneering TITON dry toner technology and printed on Sappi's heat-sealable Seal Silk 67 g/m2 paper, offering vibrant colors, high image quality, and a smooth surface. Remarkably, this packaging is fully recyclable in the paper waste stream and requires no additional barriers like varnish for food safety.

Frank Jacobs, Xeikon’s Market Intel & Senior Product Manager, highlights the partnership's role in meeting the growing demand for eco-friendly packaging. "Our sustainable solution benefits from Sappi’s expertise in recyclable materials and the unique capabilities of our TITON toner," he says.

Sappi Seal Silk, a single-coated paper, is designed for both primary and secondary flexible packaging. It offers superior heat sealability, and moisture resistance, and is suitable for direct food contact. This makes it an ideal match for Xeikon's odorless, migration-proof TITON toners, ensuring a durable package with strong shelf appeal.

Sibylle Hajostek, Market Manager at Sappi, notes the collaborative advantage: "Our work with Xeikon provides a tested route to recyclable packaging, meeting market demands and legislative requirements for sustainability."

Xeikon's TX500 digital press, demonstrating this packaging solution, will be showcased at drupa 2024 in Düsseldorf (28 May-7 June). The press, a 508mm (20 inches) wide machine, is the first to utilize TITON dry toner technology, capable of printing in four colors at 1200 dpi and 30 m/min (98 ft/min). This technology ensures that the packaging is resistant to heat, chemicals, and abrasions without the need for protective layers.