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LABELEXPO Americas 2022

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Start date

September 13th, 2022

End date

September 15th, 2022

Xeikon has confirmed its participation at LABELEXPO Americas 2022

Label all-stars, the package printing MVPs and the promising entrepreneurs all come together under one roof this September.

At LABELEXPO Americas 2022, you and your team will find an incredible array of the latest technologies and solutions alongside  live demonstrations that will improve your competitiveness and achieve your business goals.

This is your opportunity to turn your converting playbook from good to great.

You can find Xeikon at booth 5703. Our Xeikon expert team is ready to discuss our technologies for label printing.

Introducing Xeikon’s TITON toner

Xeikon promotes two technologies: UV inkjet (aka Panther); the best choice for durable and health & beauty labels. Or, dry-toner technology (aka Cheetah) for high-quality labels such as wine & spirits and all types of food applications.

This Cheetah technology changed the game a few years back as it was the first food-safe toner on the market. But the tricky part was still serving label applications requiring heat resistance e.g. due to the process of shaping the package. 

In 2022 Xeikon, introduces heat-resistant and food-safe toner: TITON,for paper-based substrates. TITON opens the digital capability short run, variability, and more for a number of packaging applications. 

TITON, a new toner that is food safe with additional protective layers that provide heat, sunlight, water, scratch, and scuff resistance.  TITON Toner technology  does not migrate through substrates and can be readily removed from paper products during the recycling process. This aligns with Xeikon’s innovative strategy of providing complete digital printing solutions for package printing—workflow, presses, toners and substrates.

TITON runs on an adapted digital press based on Xeikon’s Cheetah technology.

Learn more about TITON at the Xeikon booth at Labelexpo Americas 2022.

You can’t make it but you want some TITON print samples mailed to you. Get in contact with our experts here:

Want to see more Xeikon Innovations at LABELEXPO?

  • Silver and gold toner: Within its Creative Colors range, Xeikon recently introduced GOLD and SILVER metallic. Traditionally, these colors are added by label converters via conventional processes (flexo, hot foiletc. resulting in added production complexity and costs. Adding these metallic toners during the regular printing process in the extra printing station works very well for many applications and dramatically increases productivity while adding more shelf-appeal.

  • Haptic printing: the unique combination of the Xeikon X-800 workflow and the PantherCure UV ink  generates a tactile layer on the print output. Printers can easily create premium, designer labels with enhanced tactility, textures and a luxury feel. Xeikon’s new haptic printing process not only boosts and expands the range of possible applications for high-end label markets, it helps make significant time savings by avoiding any modifications to the prepress files. Tactile effects on labels are a must on for  the beer, beverage, food, and Health & Beauty markets.

Stay tuned for more updates via this event page or our social media!