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Photobooks are memories made tangible. They allow us to store and share an experience or celebrate an occasion. They are also the perfect gift for friends, family, loved ones and colleagues as a‘hard copy’ of an important milestone (e.g. yearbook, travel book, wedding book)

What is the value of digital printing?

Digital printing has pretty much created this application. These days digital photo’s live on PCs and smartphones, either in archives on (hard) disks or social media platforms. The latter are by design very dynamic with content consumed at high pace. A photobook offers a more genuine and meaningful touchpoint in our relationships.Print on demand allows for photo book production one at a time without any specific set up efforts. Every order is different. Thanks to online editors or custom apps, or even a direct link with smartphones, customers are offered  low threshold solutions to create their own photobooks. Digital printing offers a variety of possibilities in finishing (e.g. perfect bound, layflat), hardcover, softcover, glossy stock or matt, landscape or portrait, different sizes. Furthermore digital printing with Xeikon offers:

  • Duplex offset quality to provide the highest value

  • excellent de-inkability to support and ensure optimized recycling process

  • capable to print non-standard and high value formats (e.g. coffee table books)

  • suitable for a variety of high quality papers

Which is the preferred digital press for photobooks?

The Xeikon SX30000 digital printing press. The ultimate performer in digital document printing, which combines top quality printing, speed and versatility in media handling while offering a flexible workflow:

  • wide substrate range: from (un)coated to paperboard between 40 and 350 gsm (27 lb. text to 122 lb. cover)

  • top web speed: up to 30 m/min (98 ft/min)

  • high quality printing: 1200 dpi with wide color gamut and spot colors

  • variable data capabilities: perfectly suited for high-end marketing jobs

  • variable printing width up to 508mm (20”): unlimited length

Production details

Here you can see a photobook sample printed on a Xeikon CX500 digital press.

  • Print dimensions:

  • Substrate:

  • Toner: QA-CH toner

  • Finishing: Cut to size

The Xeikon SX30000 has been the digital press of choice due to its extraordinary performance with its Xeikon One-Pass-Duplex™ technology delivering high quality 1200 dpi graphics at high speeds.

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