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BookBaby and Xeikon Celebrate New Partnership



by Dimitri Van Gaever

Two new digital Xeikon SX30000 printing presses are on the production floor and adding much-needed printing capacity to support the robust book sales BookBaby is seeing through its online print-on-demand supported Bookshop retail store. “Sales through the BookBaby Bookshop are up 85% year-over-year and we are forecasting our biggest holiday selling season yet” said Jim Foley, BookBaby President. “We are very pleased with the quick execution of the Xeikon team to get these presses manufactured, shipped across the ocean, and installed into our plant just in time for the busy fall and winter rush that we are anticipating.”

The 2 new Xeikon SX30000s, shown at a ribbon-cutting ceremony on BookBaby’s production floor, are roll-fed presses capable of running 428 letter pages/minute and 2,545 B2 sheets/hour per press. These additional presses increase BookBaby’s printing efficiency by 50%, making it an ideal instrument to serve photographers, children’s book authors, and other clients who need full-color printing.

“BookBaby is determined to be the fairest destination for independent authors to sell their books. We are an operationally excellent organization and because of our reliable and efficient operations we can pay authors the lion’s share of the money when their books sell in our store,” says Foley. The BookBaby Bookshop pays a healthy 50% royalty on printed book sales and an even more impressive 85% royalty on digital eBook sales.

There's something special about reading indie books.

Readers enjoy discovering books at the BookBaby Bookshop and directly supporting the authors who write them. “There's no publishing house motive–they're true expressions of author creativity and passion. Having the ability to purchase on BookBaby Bookshop, where indie authors are directly supported by each purchase, makes the shopping experience as fulfilling as reading the book itself,” said Joe Yamulla, BookBaby Bookshop Manager.

“The Xeikon SX30000 is particularly well-suited for short-run book manufacturing applications,” said Xeikon CEO Benoit Chatelard. “We’re honored to have been chosen by BookBaby to play a key role in fulfilling their corporate mission of enabling aspiring authors to be published. We view the relationship as a true partnership.”