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Window signs: how in-store marketing begins at the door

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by Dimitri Van Gaever

If you’re determined to not let your business blend in like a wall flower, attractive window signs are a must-have. Just think about it: how many times have you walked or driven past a shop that’s been around for years, only to notice it once the owner put up some smart window graphics? In fact, more than half of consumers are more inclined to enter a shop if there’s a sign in the window that says “sale”. This article discusses different types of window signage, and how to go about printing them.  

Window signs

Getting sticky with it!

Long gone are the days when applying window graphics involved paint and a putty knife to scrape away errors. Today it’s all about window clings and window stickers, usually referred to as window decals. The difference between window clings and decals? Both come with an adhesive backing that allows you to easily stick them to a window, but contrary to window decals, clings give you some wiggle room to adjust them if needed. Window clings are also particularly easy to peel away, while window decals tend to require patience, a razor blade and some soapy water to remove adhesive residue.

3 types of window decals

Window decals come in three different types, all of which have their share of advantages in terms of visibility – or disadvantages, depending on how you look at it.

1. Opaque window decals

Opaque window decals are, well, non-transparent. This is the type of window decal that obscures visibility entirely. People inside the store cannot see what’s happening outside, and vice versa. Areas of the decal which are not covered by the graphic design and which, hence, don’t get printed on, wind up an opaque white.

2. Transparent window decals

Allowing for two-way visibility, transparent window decals are clear everywhere – except where the graphic design gets printed, of course. So, no, you don’t have to stick all those letters of your company name to the window individually. What a relief!

3. Perforated window decals 

Now, this is where it gets even cooler. Perforated window decals are punctured with miniature-sized holes on one side. This type of window decal creates one-way visibility without compromising aesthetics. Your window signs looks just as great as they would as an opaque window decal, while also creating one-way visibility so that people outside cannot see what’s going on inside.

Stuck between window decals and clings?

Do you find yourself stuck deciding between a window decal and a window cling for your store? Next to your visibility needs, much depends on how you are planning to use your window graphics. Permanent window signs or signs used on the outside of a window require sturdy decals. Window signage destined for less permanent inside use, e.g. as POP materials on refrigerators, require window clings which can easily be removed.

The best way to print window signs

Compatible with any workflow – on-demand prints, anyone? – and virtually any substrate including vinyl, Xeikon’s presses are the technology par excellence for window signage printing. Our presses are able to print opaque white toner in one pass, which sure comes in handy when you want to use a transparent substrate for your window stickers. Xeikon’s unique dry toner also ensures that your window signs are UV-resistant and eco-friendly, emitting no VOCs. Can’t find the hue you're looking for in our array of off-the-shelf spot colours? The Xeikon toner facility is happy to create custom spot colours to your exact specifications!

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