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Wallpaper printing: how to get in on the photo mural trend

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by Dimitri Van Gaever

Photo murals are all around us. They greet us at the office, they get our appetite going at restaurants, they get us dreaming about new outfits, going on holiday, buying that expensive car … and they give our carefully decorated homes that bold yet refined touch of charm.

Custom photo mural

The custom photo mural trend is bound to stick around for a while, interior designers agree, because contrary to paint it is a fast and easy means for changing a room’s entire look – and it’s not nearly as expensive as it used to be. Provided it’s digitally printed, that is.

Are you a wallpaper printing business looking to add custom photo murals to your offer? Then get ready to go digital and print a lot of short runs. Some tips to take to heart …

1.    Go for non-wovens

Here’s what to tell your customers when they ask why non-woven is their best option for photo murals (or any other type of wallpaper, for that matter):

•    It’s easy-peasy to apply and remove (dry strippable)
•    It’s washable
•    It’s breathable
•    It’s stable both in dry and humid conditions

2. Use toner free from VOCs

Photo wallpaper should be seen, not smelt. If you print yours using Xeikon’s patented dry toner, you can rest assured there will be no VOCs lingering in the air. The toner is even EN 15102-compliant, meaning it meets the strict standards that apply to wallpaper used in public areas.

Good to know: Xeikon dry toner has an excellent Blue Wool Scale score between 6 and 8.

3.    Only settle for photo murals with the best image quality

Printing wallpaper digitally and still achieving offset quality is possible if you have Xeikon’s single pass technology at your disposal. That means no banding, and no nozzles getting clogged. What’s more, the automatic tiling software that is included with each press makes seamless application a breeze.

4.    Get your web-to-print ordering system sorted

Consumers these days, Millennials especially, expect to be able to place an order online and have it delivered to them the next day. If you want to keep up with the pace of the industry and keep your short-runs cost-effective, getting your web-to-print ordering system sorted and tied neatly into your workflow is a must to print on demand as smoothly as possible. Additionally, consider striking a deal with a delivery service (or set up your own) to guarantee fast delivery times.

Did you know? A Xeikon press can be seamlessly integrated with any workflow thanks to the Xeikon Aura Partner Network.

5.    Photo wallpaper: meet the need for speed

Next-day delivery no longer being exceptional brings us to the biggest advantage Xeikon presses have to offer: their speed is unmatched. Xeikon’s digital wallpaper printing solutions are not only compatible with all web to print systems, but can also print up to 600 m² per minute. Substrates never have to be pretreated and automatic tiling software is always included, as is continuous feed technology. As they are a total inline solution, Xeikon wallpaper presses deliver perfectly finished rolls ready for shipment.

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Xeikon is ideal for producing cost-effective short runs on a large scale, but also offers entry level solutions for startups looking to make it big in the wallpaper industry. Contact us to discover your options!