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Wallpaper for children’s bedrooms: do or don’t?

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by Dimitri Van Gaever

Decorating a child’s bedroom requires careful consideration if you want the space to stand the test of time. Wallpaper trends come and go, especially when it comes to children’s bedrooms. Many interior designers opt for paint to spare parents the trouble of having to redo the walls every so many years, but there really is no need to shy away from the many wonderful effects wallpaper can achieve in children’s bedrooms. Discover our tips!

Wallpaper for children’s bedrooms

Don’t be tempted by trends

Children know exactly what they want. Or at least, that’s what they think. One day they want to be Bob the Builder, the next they fall in love with Dora the Explorer. In other words, don’t plaster the walls with anything even remotely connect to trends. Instead, opt for a timeless wallpaper design that strikes a fine balance between soothing and engaging.

Opt for a single wall solution

Children’s bedrooms that have wallpaper all over can be a bit much – good luck getting a child to go to sleep with thousands of dinosaur eyes following their every move. By opting for a single wall solution, you can rest assured that the design of the room remains interesting overall, without causing too much of a distraction. It’s a good old case of less is more. Evidently, you can easily change a wallpapered feature wall in case the child does grow tired of it, giving the entire room a whole new look and feel in a flash.

Interactive wallpaper for children’s bedrooms

‘Go to your room! No, wait …’ Interactive wallpaper is a great solution for children who just cannot resist drawing on the walls. What’s more, these days digitally printed wallpaper is easy-peasy to remove and apply. So when your child is no longer happy with their pièce de résistance, you can instantly give them a whole new canvas … and the rest is child’s play!

In need of inspiration? Watch Xeikon at work!

Children won’t settle for anything less than ‘Wow!’ when it comes to their room. If you find yourself stuck for inspiration, why not drop by Heimtextil 2017 in Frankfurt from January 10 to 13? Xeikon will be there too in hall 6, showcasing a comprehensive selection of our most unique wallpaper designs. We’ll even treat you to some live printing, so you can watch with your very own eyes the amazing wallcovering digital technology can achieve. See you there!