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On a roll! Digital wallpaper printing is gaining market share

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by Dimitri Van Gaever

Wallpaper took a beating when the nineties came to an end, but today the wall cladding trend is back with a vengeance. Remarkably enough, even though digitally printed wallpaper currently makes up about 3 percent of the global wall covering market, manufacturers have been increasingly adopting digital wallpaper printing solutions and are likely to continue doing so.

The benefits of digital wallpaper printing

Industry experts have various reasons to believe digital wallpaper printing technology is set to gain a considerable share of the market in the next few years.

Back in 2012, consumers would rather purchase a bunch of posters (and perhaps a canvas or two) than paper their walls. Wallpaper made up less than 10 percent of the digitally printed wall decoration volume, whereas posters got the lion’s share of about 75 percent. Fast forward to 2017: while the volume of digitally printed posters and canvases has increased only slightly, digital wallpaper printers saw their output grow by a whopping 18 percent – good for a 50 percent share of the market.

The reason behind this interesting development? Digital printing technology hasn’t stood still.

1. Printing custom wallpaper? No biggie

Custom wallpaper is trending, and digital is up for the task. While analogue solutions are only cost-effective for large batches and, hence, come with the risk of dead stock, digital wallpaper printing is ideal for print-on-demand and short runs in general.

2. Picture-perfect photo mural wallpaper

Speaking of custom wallpaper; photo murals are all the rage in offices, hotels, restaurants, … You name it! Again, digital is the way to print. Xeikon’s wallpaper solutions deliver the highest quality on the market, guaranteeing an image quality that matches offset and delivers banding free prints (as there is no need for printheads and nozzles). What’s more, Xeikon wallpaper solutions are always full rotary and bring automated tiling and automated stops for cutting into the bargain, so you can rest assured your photo mural will look seamless once applied. Finally, the Xeikon web varnishing module makes your freshly printed wallpaper washable and scratch-proof.

3. Everybody loves non-woven wallpaper

Do you want your wallpaper to be breathable, washable, tear-resistant and dry strippable? Then a non-woven substrate is the way to go. Which happens to be the perfect choice for digital wallpaper printing. No need to worry about the texture of the paper, by the way. The Xeikon Alpine fuser drum has got you (and your wallpaper) all covered.

4. The ever-increasing need for speed

Did you think Xeikon presses were fast? You thought right. But the new Xeikon CX500 is even 56 percent faster, printing single pass 1200 dpi at 900m²/h! And like all Xeikon presses it’s full rotary, compatible with web-to-print ordering systems and it comes with a wallpaper rewinder unit to step up production speed even more.

5. Lightfast wallpaper without VOCs

Smell that? No? That’s because that high-resolution photo wallpaper you're admiring was printed digitally with Xeikon’s patented eco-friendly dry toner that emits no VOCs or other harmful substances. The dry toner is recyclable and lightfast to boot, scoring between 6 and 8 on the Blue Wool Scale

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