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Inspiring! Check out these amazing feature wall ideas

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by Dimitri Van Gaever

In the world of interior design, there’s nothing as alluring as a blank wall just begging to be turned into an amazing feature wall. Yes, it can feel a bit daunting to decorate a prominent wall from scratch. There are, after all, so many wallpaper trends to choose from these days. But then again, it’s the wide range of designs that makes decorating feature walls all the more fun. Is that blank wall still staring at you? Then it’s time to get inspired! 


A feature wall made of ‘natural material’

Wallpaper that looks like natural materials is all the rage right now. This brilliant creation by Wallpaper from the 70s is a great example of what HD photography and innovative digital printing technology can accomplish. Appropriately called Brooklyn Tins, this stunner of a wallpaper design is a must-have for anyone who’s into the reclaimed-materials-look.

Turning the ceiling into a feature wall

When it comes to wallpaper, we tend to forget that ceilings can be wallpapered too. Notice how the paper here continues all the way through, adding more depth to the space? The geometrical pattern is also very much on trend.

Photographic wallpaper: bringing the outdoors in

There’s nothing like the gorgeous green hues of plants to make a grey office space come alive. Berlin Tapete, the brains behind this feature wall, even took it a step further by opting for a photographic feature wall, making plants the focal point of the room. 

Exploring the amazing world of non-repeats

Big is beautiful! Thanks to digital printing, interior designers are no longer limited to wallpaper with repeating patterns. This blue-hued vintage map of the world by Rebel Walls has a modern feel to it, yet makes for a timeless feature wall

Wallpaper by day, light show by night

Yes, this is not exactly what you’d call a feature wall. But we just couldn’t resist including it! Clad in glow in the dark wallpaper, this hallway looks like any other hallway by day. But by night, the walls become the life of the party.