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High-tech company ARBURG continues to rely on Xeikon digital presses

Commercial printing


by Dimitri Van Gaever

ARBURG, one of the world's leading manufacturers of machines for plastics processing, has again opted for a digital printing system from Xeikon. Its latest acquisition, a Xeikon 8500 digital web press with a five-colour configuration, is being used to produce various corporate communications. It is the company's fourth generation of Xeikon printers.In 1997, ARBURG was one of the first industrial companies to enter the world of digital printing with a system from Xeikon – in those days, the press was sold under the IBM OEM product. For ARBURG, a key decision point was the 8500’s fifth colour station which it has reserved solely for the ARBURG corporate colour, a characteristic mint green. Xeikon produces the special colour as part of its custom toner program.