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Floor decals: the forgotten in-store marketing medium

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by Dimitri Van Gaever

If you are looking to drive sales, nothing beats taking customers by surprise with POP materials where they least expect it: the floor. Have you ever noticed how most print materials in stores either hang from the ceiling or are placed at eye level? That’s right. The floor is often overlooked by brands and retailers when it comes to selecting advertising space, yet floor decals are proven to be one of the most attention-grabbing and effective POP materials available these days.

Floor decals

Slowly but surely, though, brands and retailers are discovering their amazing potential. This article tells you all you need to know to get the most out of your floor decals.

“People are programmed to mind the floor”

Psychologist Joseph S. King believes people are naturally programmed to pay close attention to the ground. You know, to avoid bumps and holes. And he’s right: a study by Windo Displays recently confirmed King’s theory. In-aisle floor decals were found to increase sales 20 to 50 percent while also significantly improving brand image (the respective floor decal merely displayed a brand of chocolate and was not used as a sales promotion). Nearly 20 percent of all shoppers even purposely stopped to have a closer look at the floor decal in question.

What’s more, another study, conducted by the Point of Purchase Advertising Institute, found floor decals to increase the number of shoppers who spend at least eight seconds in the product area by a whopping 280 percent.

Falling in love with floor decals

While boosting sales and brand awareness are high on every marketer’s agenda, there are also plenty of other reasons why floor decals are an increasingly popular part of the POP marketing mix.

Floor decals can stick to virtually any surface

Floor stickers are not only versatile in terms of size, shape and graphic design, they will also stick to virtually any (smooth) surface these days, from vinyl to stone tiles, cement, hardwood and even low pile carpet. Floor decals can even be designed and printed to last as long as 6 months on sidewalks and in other outdoor areas.

Floor decals are highly cost-effective

Continually investing in costly advertising space such as billboards and TV commercials, many brands and business owners fail to see the incredible amount of free advertising space that’s right under their noses. Literally! Floor decals merely take up space that’s already been paid for – not to mention they’re proven to boost sales tremendously – so there really is no reason not to use them as an in-store advertising solution.

Floor decals are easy to clean and remove

Apart from the odd cleaning every now and then, floor decals don’t require any maintenance. They are dustproof, waterproof and – even though they can be applied for a long duration of time – come right off once you decide to remove them. Even decals stuck to carpets don’t leave behind any residue.

4 tips for your floor sticker design

Want to create and print floor decals that will really ‘stick’ with the consumer as well as store owners? These pointers are for you!

1. Safety first

Evidently, your floor stickers will be facing some heavy foot and cart traffic. Play it safe by having them printed on a vinyl that is both scratch and slip-resistant.

2. Stick with the branding mix

Floor graphics work their magic best when they’re part of a branding mix, so make sure your floor stickers tie in nicely with some other branded POP materials placed at eye level. Think wobblers, for instance.

3. Fun sells!

Floor graphics offer endless possibilities to get creative and win consumers over with humor. Think animal tracks, foot prints or spilled snacks that lead to sales items, a standee or some other type of POP display, … Time to get those creative juices flowing!

4. Don’t stick ‘em just anywhere

If you want your floor decals to truly stand out, try placing them:

  • On the sidewalk in front of the building
  • Immediately at the entrance
  • Below discount items
  • In special areas that invite customers to take selfies with them

Printing floor decals the Xeikon way

Perfectly compatible with vinyl substrates and able to produce prints that stretch as far as the eye can see, Xeikon’s presses are brand owners’ choice par excellence when it comes to floor decals. As is Xeikon’s dry toner, which emits no VOCs and is available in any on-demand color you can think of. And to top it all off (pun intended, yes) there’s the Xeikon web varnishing module and Dcoat to provide each floor decal with a scratch-proof and slip-resistant top layer.


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