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Der Himmel von Bern: building bridges through wallpaper

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by Dimitri Van Gaever

Is there anything digitally printed wallpaper can’t clad? Hardly. You might even say that, thanks to digital printing technology, the sky is the limit when it comes to wallpaper. In fact, somewhere in the east of Bern, Switzerland, there is a bridge that proves our point exactly – and literally so. A proud sponsor of this innovative art project called der Himmel von Bern (the Sky of Bern), Xeikon is more than happy to offer you a closer look.

Der Himmel von Bern

There is no bridge!

The Freudenbergerplatz in Bern used to be a dreary place. The concrete motorway bridge spanning the square in particular wasn’t much to look at. But that was before Burghard took things in hand. Backed by the Bern Committee for Art in the Public Space, the Berlin artist duo set out to rid The Freudenbergerplatz of its gloomy atmosphere and turn it into a place the people of Bern could be proud of. Their plan? To clad the entire roof of the bridge with realistic photo wallpaper, creating the illusion that there’s no bridge at all.

A brighter future for The Freudenbergerplatz

"This sky of wallpaper is an invitation to re-enter the space”, explains Burghard. The project’s main purpose is to encourage the people of Bern to participate in Freudenberger College; a think-tank that focuses on creating a brighter future for The Freudenbergerplatz.

So, how did they do it?

Yes, we hear you wondering: won’t the wallpaper melt away at the first rain? Fortunately, it won’t! Xeikon’s digital print solutions are compatible with just about any substrate, so we made sure to pick one that is weatherproof. Digital technology is also to thank for the Sky of Bern’s seamless look. As digitally printed wallpaper is not limited to repeating patterns, ‘der Himmel von Bern’ consists of multiple large format wallpaper rolls that fall together like pieces in a puzzle.

The endless possibilities of photo murals

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