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Are digital displays really taking over in-store promotion?

Commercial printing POS Materials


by Dimitri Van Gaever

Digital displays are taking the world of in-store promotion by storm. Some people even claim that digital displays will, at some point, replace printed POP materials for good. But while there is indeed much to be said for digital displays, printed in-store promotion materials are still very much in demand, not devoid of innovation, and unlikely to ever disappear. Most brand owners are well-aware that, when it comes to establishing an efficient retail marketing mix, it’s best to either opt for printed POP materials or a combination of both digital and print. Here’s why.  


Getting noticed vs. being seen

Digital displays are real attention-grabbers. The human brain, after all, cannot help but be attracted to moving images and glowing colours. Still, combining digital and printed materials is a smart move because noticing an image is not the same as really taking it in. For instance, research has shown that more than half of the student body favours printed text materials over e-books because print facilitates the learning and study process. In this sense, POP light boxes make for the perfect compromise.

Digital displays can’t cover all POP hot spots

Contrary to what some believe, digital POP displays cannot possibly cover all POP hot spots in stores, as POP materials comprise more than large format posters. Materials such as

 - Rigid POP displays
 - Shelf talkers
 - Banners
 - Flags
 - Wallpaper (for commercial feature walls)
 - Floor stickers
 - …

are all part of an effective in-store marketing mix as well.

The deal with colour management

As eye-catching as moving colours may be, digital displays don’t exactly score high in terms of colour management. Most digital displays must be calibrated once a month (and even once a week in the beginning) to ensure brand colours continue to be displayed correctly. This while print solutions offer plenty of opportunities for spot-on colour management. There’s Xeikon ColorControl, for instance, a user-friendly cloud-based solution that always ensures the best possible colour match. Additionally, the Xeikon 9600 and Xeikon 9800 have a fifth colour station that’s ideal for gamut expanding and printing brand colours. Last but not least, POP prints printed with Xeikon dry toner have exceptional light fastness and, hence, always keep their colour perfectly.

Did you know?

Xeikon’s in-house toner facility creates both standard and custom spot colours with a low minimum order quantity.

Meeting the need for speed

Digital displays are an ideal means for communicating temporary promotional offers and launching spur-of-the-moment marketing campaigns. However, the same can be said for digital print campaigns. Print-on-demand solutions and variable data printing have made short runs much more profitable, enabling digital print providers to cater to more specific segments of the print market and even evolve into retail marketing specialists. Add Xeikon’s high printing speed (21.5 meters per minute), web-fed technology, workflow solutions and inline finishing solutions to the equation, and there’s no denying that digital print offers everything that is required to meet POP marketing’s current need for speed.

Eco-friendly POP materials

As surprising as it may sound, choosing permanent digital displays over POP materials that will eventually be thrown out is not that green a decision per se. Printing presses, of course, consume electricity, but so do digital displays. Contrary to the latter, however, POP materials printed with Xeikon presses and Xeikon dry toner are completely recyclable thanks to their deinkability. Additionally, substrates for Xeikon EP presses do not need any surface pretreatment, which reduces their environmental impact tremendously. Finally, Xeikon’s dry toner emits no VOCs, produces odorless prints and has been awarded the Nordic Swan Ecolabel in recognition of its sustainability.

Xeikon’s digital print solutions

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