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And the best POP materials for in-store marketing are …

Commercial printing POS Materials


by Dimitri Van Gaever

If you know a thing or two about retail marketing, we needn’t explain to you that getting a product to stand out next to its competitors is no easy feat. Fortunately, some wise soul once came up with the concept of POP materials … and the rest is in-store marketing history! Are you having a difficult time deciding which materials will be starring in your next POP campaign? These four POP materials are the most popular – and proven to be the most effective.

Display units

1. The free-standing POP display unit

Widely considered the mother of all POP materials, the free-standing POP display unit is a great way to drive product sales. The trick is to regularly move POP display units around the store and replace them every few weeks or even days to keep the consumer interested.

2. Shelf talkers

Attached to the shelves, shelf talkers are the POP material par excellence when space is limited. As shelf talkers usually face little or no competition from other POP materials in store aisles, they are particularly attention-grabbing. Shelf wobblers even literally wave to grab the consumer’s attention and have been known to boost sales up to 33 percent.

3. ‘Eye-catching’ standees

Did you know that consumers favor packaging that makes eye contact with them? A study by the Cornell University Food and Brand Lab found out that, if cereal boxes have graphics or pictures of people or animals who look straight into the lens, consumers are more inclined to establish a connection with the brand and purchase the cereal in question. Hence the ‘eye-catching’ effect of life-size standees.

4. Floor stickers

While floor stickers aren’t the first thing to spring to mind when someone says “POP materials”, they certainly are an effective means to boost impulse purchases. Most people are naturally inclined to pay careful attention to the ground they’re walking on.

Tip: make sure your floor stickers are made from hard-wearing vinyl.

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