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7 wallpaper trends you’ll be feasting your eyes on in 2018

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by Dimitri Van Gaever

The wallpaper revival is still upon us! 2017 saw spaces come to life with some amazing wallpaper trends – many of which we never dreamed possible back in the 90s – and rumor has it wallpaper won’t be going out of style anytime soon. If you’re like us and can’t wait to see what’s next, you’re in luck! This article takes a sneak peek at the wallpaper trends in 2018.

7 wallpaper trends you’ll be feasting your eyes on

1. Wallpaper trends for the bathroom

Your days of having to resist the temptation to wallpaper your bathroom are finally over! More and more manufacturers are offering technologically advanced non-woven wallpaper specially designed for humid environments – and for people with good taste, we might add. Particularly eye-catching on bathroom walls in 2018 will be wallpaper with geometrical patterns. Ah, the 70s …

2. Wallpaper that doesn’t look like wallpaper

Last year’s trompe l’oeil trend – “I can’t believe it’s wallpaper!” – will still be very much on trend in 2018. Contrary to traditional gravure, digital wallpaper printing enables designers to turn any high-resolution photograph into an extra-large photo mural, as continuous feed technology means seamless results are no longer just for designs with repeating patterns. Think lovely landscapes and blue skies, but also wallpaper that looks exactly like marble, granite and other types of gorgeous natural stone.

3. Think pink!

If trend watchers are to be believed, pink wallpaper will set our hearts aflutter next year. Rose gold, like in 2017, will be all the rage, as will be cooler, muted shades of pink like pale rosewood. Even more ‘difficult’ pink shades like pale salmon will feature aplenty on the walls in 2018, especially when combined with gold-toned metallic accents.

4. The metallic wallpaper trend

Speaking of metallic accents, wallpaper with brass and copper tones will be making a splash in 2018 as well. Bright yet warm, fashion-forward yet oh so cozy, metallic wallpaper will be giving interiors all over the world an effortlessly luxurious edge.

5.  Gray all the way

As 2018 will prove, gray wallpaper is anything but boring. The secret to successfully cladding your walls in this timeless neutral? Texture! That, and a hint of metallic…

6. Green, green, green …

Don’t remove those palm trees from your walls just yet! Wallpaper with botanical prints was big in 2017 and it will continue to be in 2018. Surprising? Not really. Nothing beats a floral or leafy wallpaper print to inject color into a room and bring it to life in a subtle yet daring fashion.

7. Going on safari

Cream is a classic when it comes to home decor, but easily looks boring unless teamed with interesting accents. That’s where the safari-themed wallpaper trend comes in. Hues associated with this kind of wallpaper are earthy browns, burnt orange and gold – always a perfect match with creamy neutrals. The prints can be as safe or as bold as you like. Do you prefer an understated photo mural of an African savanna or would you rather opt for a daring leopard print on your walls? The choice is yours in 2018. Go wild!