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5 wallpaper trends that will shape 2017

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by Dimitri Van Gaever

Is that blank wall still bothering you? Are you an interior design lover who is not afraid to make a bold statement? Then you’re in for quite a few wallpaper trends, nay, wallpaper treats this year! Digital printing technology has not stood still in the last few years, and neither has wallpaper production – making it all the more easy for wallpaper designers to ring in the new year with a blast. In 2017, these wallpaper trends will be pampering walls all over the world …

Wallpaper trends in 2017

1. Interactive wallpaper

Taking centre stage rather than just being a backdrop, interactive wallpaper is beyond doubt one of the most noteworthy trends to take over homes and offices in 2017. From black and white illustrations children can colour in to magnetic wallpaper you can use to hang artwork or put up pictures of loved ones, interactive wallpaper is a trend that appeals to all ages.

2. Metallic wallpaper

It seems the luxurious look of metallic wallpaper will never go out of style. A modern take on the glitz and glamour of yesteryear, metallic wallpaper is a trend that emerged a few years ago and will continue throughout 2017. This year in particular we’ll be feasting our eyes mainly on gold, bronze and copper-clad walls.

3. Florals with an attitude

Floral wallpapers are very much in vogue in 2017, adding a feminine touch to many home interiors. Forget your grandmother’s intricate wallpaper, though: floral wallpaper in 2017 is much more bold and dramatic. Backgrounds are predominantly dark, and patterns tends to be oversized and leaning towards the exotic. Think banana leaves, hibiscus flowers, palm trees, …

4. A room with a (fake) view

Gorgeous holiday snaps, lovely family portraits, cute pictures of pets, … Thanks to innovations in digital printing and photography, customized photo wallpaper is become trendier each day. Surprising? Not really. The effect of a large-format photo wall is always breathtaking, and the possibilities are endless. For example, photo wallpaper is the perfect solution for windowless rooms.

5. The ‘I can’t believe it’s wallpaper!’ trend

The nothing-is-what-it-seems look will be very much on trend in 2017 as well. Trendsetters will be cladding their walls in trompe l’oeil wallpapers, creating stylishly furnished rooms that still breathe a homely atmosphere. Are you in love with the look of exposed brick, cork, timber, … but don’t want to risk ruining those freshly plastered walls? High-resolution photo wallpaper is your answer!

Become a wallpaper trendsetter

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