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5 things all high-quality wallpapers have in common

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by Dimitri Van Gaever

...and it’s here to stay! With patterns getting larger and larger and photo wallpaper having trended for years now, wallpaper no longer fades into the background but has become a decorative object in its own right.

5 things

Wondering which wallpaper best suits your interior design? Or are you a printer looking to tap into the wallpaper industry? This article provides an overview of all the features high-quality wallpapers have in common.

1. It’s printed on non-woven paper

Buying high-quality wallpaper means you’ll never have to steam and scrape it off when you’ve grown tired of it, because it’ll simply come off in one piece. You’ll also have a pretty effortless time applying it. That’s because high-quality digital wallpaper is always printed on non-woven paper and, hence, is dry strippable. As non-woven paper is not affected by humid conditions, it won’t tear during application and your wall will end up looking seamless, too.

2. It’s stain-resistant

No worries about splashing food, dirt, cleaning products, … onto the wall and having to change the wallpaper because of it. Top-quality wallpaper is washable! Thanks to digital finishing solutions like the Xeikon web varnishing module, manufacturers can even print wallpaper and make it stain-resistant and scratch-proof all in one go.

3. It’s always ready for a close-up

The star of many interior design concepts these days, high-quality wallpaper is always ready for its close-up and never dotted or pixilated. And that’s especially crucial when there’s a photo mural involved. Again, interior designers have digital technology to thank. Presses like the Xeikon CX500 not only print 1200 dpi but do so in a single pass at a speed of 900m²/h, allowing for cost-effective short runs which would never be possible with traditional gravure.

Good to know: wallpaper printed with Xeikon dry toner is light-fast, achieving an excellent Blue Wool Scale score between 6 and 8.

4. It smells like … nothing at all! 

With the exception of scratch ‘n sniff wallpaper – yes, it does exist! – high-quality wallpaper is odorless. While most digitally printed wallpapers emit VOCs long after they’ve been applied, wallpaper printed with Xeikon dry toner contains no solvents and emits no VOCs whatsoever. 

5. It’s EN 15102 compliant

Speaking of toner, Xeikon toner is compliant with EN 15102, an international safety standard for wallpaper in public areas. That means it adheres to all European regulations concerning flammability; the release of formaldehyde, vinyl chloride monomer or heavy metals; sound absorption and thermal resistance. 

High-quality wallpaper printing

Printing high-quality wallpaper in a cost-effective manner goes hand in hand with digital technology. Learn more about the many advantages of digital wallpaper printing or contact us for more information. We’ll get you on a roll in no time!