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4 interactive wallpaper designs that liven up any room

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by Dimitri Van Gaever

Modern consumers love to feel involved with their office or home interior. They want to ‘own it’ in every sense of the word – which perfectly explains why interactive wallpaper is trending. Interactive wallpaper does more than just hang there and look pretty. It’s one of those trends that bring wallpaper into the spotlight, rather than adapting it to the rest of the interior. Wondering how you, too, can incorporate interactive wallpaper into your interior design? Read on to get inspired!

Interactive wallpaper is trending

1.  Wallpaper you can paint by numbers

Paint-by-numbers wallpaper makes for a great feature wall, to say the least, and some brave interior designers are even covering entire rooms with it. And not just children’s bedrooms, mind you. Next to adult colouring books, paint-by-numbers wallpaper for adults is all the rage now. That’s right. Years after your parents told you not to draw on the walls, the child in you now finally can!

2. Tapping the third dimension

And playtime isn’t over just yet. The past few years, many designers and manufacturers have been experimenting with 3D wallpaper. Put on a pair of 3D glasses and watch the wallpaper literally jump out! Or opt for wallpaper with magnetic capabilities – enabling you to move around flowers, butterflies, … as much as you like.

3. Smells like interactive wallpaper

Move over, scratch-and-sniff books! Scratch-and-sniff wallpaper is taking over, with innovative manufacturers such as Flavor Paper leading the way. 

4. The QR code’s on the wall…

Have you been sitting on a secret for a while now? Talk to the wall … Because it’s listening! Manufacturers such as Soonsalon have been incorporating QR codes into their wallpaper for a while now. People can scan the QR codes leading them to a website where they can anonymously share their deepest secrets with other wallpaper owners. The website is updated every few weeks, continually keeping things fresh and exciting.

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