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4 incredibly creative office murals that wow!

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by Dimitri Van Gaever

Nobody likes a bland-looking office space. And nobody should have to put up with one either! It’s only a matter of convincing one’s boss to vamp up the work space with a cool office mural. Which, thanks to digitally printed wallpaper, is neither difficult nor expensive! Unless you’re looking to hire a famous artist to come paint the office walls by hand, of course. But assuming you’re not, let’s sneak a peek at some of the most creative office murals out there…

Vamp up the work space with a cool office mural

1.  A ‘porcelain’ office mural

One of the advantages of printing digital is the tiny details it allows. This intricate office mural by Abi Daker was inspired by traditional Chinese pottery – a perfect yet daring match for this Bank of China reception area.

2. The boss is watching

Who said office murals should cover walls only? When Leo Burnett Worldwide asked designer agency Ministry of Design to come up with an innovative office mural to pay tribute to their founder, they didn’t hesitate and took things to the next level, or, better said, dimension!

3.  An office mural ‘under the sea’

What do you get when you tell Dan and Kozue Kitchens of Kozyndan Designs to let their imagination run wild? This huge-scale, extremely detailed ‘under the sea’ mural, that’s what! Much to the pleasure of the people working for The Audience, an LA-based PR company. Breathtaking!

4.  Office mural … or wall of fame?

This enormous mural watching over the courtyard of the RPA office in Santa Monica is a frequent topic of discussion at lunch time. Rumour has it Nathan Craw based the characters on the RPA staff themselves, but the designer is purposely leaving his mural open to interpretation. Too difficult? Too expensive? There is no reason why you can’t achieve an office mural like this with digitally printed wallpaper, and at a fraction of the cost.

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