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The wonders of Wet Glue labels

Labels are a powerful driving force when buying beer or wine. Wet glue, also known as cut-and-stack labels, are ideal for markets such as food and beverages, which are driven by human perception.

Infinite possibilities

Wet glue allows labels to be designed in every possible shape. The result? Stunning quality with the perks of cost-efficiency. Wet-glue labeling still dominates the food and beverage world as a fantastic low-cost option due to:

  • High image quality

  • Lesser manufacturing complexity

  • Sustainable technology with limited waste

  • Any form or shape possible

What wet glue labels can you create?

Beverages Thumb
Canned food Thumb
Canned food

Does your current print workflow meet your labeling needs?

Discover how digital label printing can optimize your label production process, improve your efficiency, and enhance your bottom line.

Xeikon solutions offer outstanding advantages

  • Print on B2+ sheets, that can be conveniently finished off

  • Also in metallic, gold and silver toner

  • Offset look-and-feel (1200 dpi) 

  • Food safe and odorless

  • On standard substrate (coated or uncoated)

  • With limited waste (thanks to variable repeat lengths)

  • Print speed not impacted by print resolution, number of colors, dimension of the labels

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Color management in conventional and digital printing processes Thumb

Color management in conventional and digital printing processes

The fundamentals on which color management is based are easy to follow, and with them it is easy to understand how color management systems work. For the implementation in reality, however, a certain amount of practice and knowhow is necessary in order to exploit the possibilities.

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Other applications

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Self adhesive
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Heat transfer