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Supremely diverse self-adhesives

The most flexible in their application, pressure sensitive or self-adhesive labels can be applied at any time on a vast array of substrates.

Versatility at its best

Metal, plastic, cardboard or wood; choose from numerous adhesives, and a diverse selection of printing and embellishing techniques. Self-adhesive labels are the most versatile, serving the broadest range of end-use applications.

  • They can be used for all end-use applications

  • Suitable for both manual and fully automated applications

  • Most widely-used labeling technology in the world

  • Globally strong growing market in all the main markets

What self-adhesive labels can you create?

Food Thumb
Pharmaceutical Thumb
Wine & spirits Thumb
Wine & spirits
Health & beauty Thumb
Health & beauty
Durable Thumb
Beverages Thumb
Industrial and household chemicals Thumb
Industrial and household chemicals

Dry toner or UV inkjet, what should I choose?

Above and beyond being the number one specialist in self-adhesive label digital manufacturing solution, Xeikon is also the only company in the world where you do not have to choose between UV inkjet and dry toner. We offer both.

Expand your portfolio and choose the best fitting self-adhesive label solution for every end-use application. Shorter runs or personalized versions? Is durability your priority or food-safety? We have solutions to match your unique needs.

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Does your current print workflow meet your labeling needs?

Discover how digital label printing can optimize your label production process, improve your efficiency, and enhance your bottom line.

Xeikon solutions offer outstanding benefits

  • Application tuned solution (UV inkjet or dry toner)

  • Application tuned consumables (food safe, durable, suitable for thermal materials)

  • Standard roll-2-roll or hybrid solution

  • Advanced workflow to reduce setup time

  • Advanced converting and embellishing equipment

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Color management in conventional and digital printing processes Thumb

Color management in conventional and digital printing processes

The fundamentals on which color management is based are easy to follow, and with them it is easy to understand how color management systems work. For the implementation in reality, however, a certain amount of practice and knowhow is necessary in order to exploit the possibilities.

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Other applications for label printing

Heat transfer Thumb
Heat transfer
Wet Glue Labels Thumb
Wet Glue Labels