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Felix Schoeller & Xeikon launched their new product portfolio for Xeikon printing presses

Commercial printing Felix Schoeller & Xeikon launched their new product portfolio for Xeikon printing presses


by Danny Mertens

Felix Schoeller Digital Media, one of the Felix Schoeller Group‘s business units, supported the Xeikon Café event – held in Lier, Belgium in October - as a business partner. The fact that the event’s main theme was wall decoration gave Felix Schoeller – the Osnabrück-based specialty paper manufacturer - the opportunity to showcase the product portfolio it has put together especially for Xeikon.

Felix Schoeller Group

The paper manufacturer and printing specialists worked together to qualify these nine papers for Xeikon’s presses.

The new product portfolio, which has not only wallpaper base but also other high-end digital printing papers, opens up a whole range of new applications and design options for Xeikon customers. Anyone interested in knowing more can simply send an email to to request a samples book with print examples.

Michael Avermann

In his presentation at the Xeikon Café, Michael Avermann, product manager for this product segment at Felix Schoeller – emphasised the versatility of wall decoration. He also gave his audience an insight into the market, along with information about future market trends.

“We are delighted that Felix Schoeller is able to offer our customers a broad portfolio, which gives them a huge choice of products and a host of possibilities to develop their business. We have joined forces and been able to develop other opportunities - in addition to wallpaper – for exciting digital printing applications,” says Monika Olbricht, Sales Director for Document Printing, summing up the productive collaboration between the two companies.

The product portfolio that has been qualified for Xeikon printing presses consists of Felix Schoeller’s INSPIRE wallpaper range – both coated and uncoated in natural white, PE-coated papers with canvas and lustre surface finishes and a basis weight of up to 340 g/m² in bright white and alpine white, and high-end uncoated digital printing papers in the E-FEEL® and E-PURE (150-230 g/m², alpine white) series. Further product information is available at



Founded in 1895, the Felix Schoeller Group is a family business with worldwide operations producing specialty papers. With around 2,340 employees, the renowned Osnabrück-based company produced and marketed almost 310,000 tonnes of specialty papers in 2014 and posted a total turnover of 720 million euros. The Felix Schoeller Group develops, produces and markets specialty papers for photographic applications, digital printing systems, the packaging market, self-adhesive applications and for the furniture, wood-based products and wallpaper industry.

In addition to its Osnabrück main site and headquarters, the Felix Schoeller Group has four other production facilities in Germany - in Weissenborn and Penig in Saxony, in Titisee-Neustadt (Baden-Württemberg) and in Günzach (Bavaria). It also has production facilities in the USA and Canada and is involved in a joint venture in the Russian Federation. It has sales & service centres in Sao Paulo, Tokyo, Shanghai, Kuala Lumpur, and Prague.

The Felix Schoeller Group exemplifies uncompromising quality, unique flexibility and true partnership. The result: Best Performing Papers. Worldwide. Since July 2013, the Felix Schoeller Group has been the official premium paper partner of the German Olympic team.

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