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5 guidelines for printing the best office wallpaper

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by Dimitri Van Gaever

Wallpaper is becoming more and more popular in offices, especially for feature walls. And it’s no wonder, really, if you consider the amazing designs the wallpaper industry produces today. But there’s more to office wallpaper than meets the eye. The best wallpaper for offices (or any other public space, for that matter) not only lifts the room but is also printed with the following guidelines in mind.

5 guidelines

1. Keep VOC emissions and fire hazards at bay

Few things are less inviting than the smell of chemicals lingering in the air. Which is exactly what your client is going to get in their office or reception area when you print their wallpaper on (eco)solvent or UV printers. Did you know Xeikon’s dry toner contains no solvents, emitting no VOCs and, hence, no smell? What’s more, our toner is EN 15102-compliant. EN 15102 is an international safety standard for wall coverings in public areas and concerns reaction to fire, release of formaldehyde, vinyl chloride monomer or heavy metals, sound absorption and thermal resistance.

2. Aim for optimal image quality

What’s not to love about a feature wall clad in life-size photo wallpaper? Provided the resolution is top-notch, of course, and all the lanes are seamlessly aligned. That’s where a digital printing solution proves handy. As Xeikon presses print everything in a single pass and involve no nozzles (or potential nozzle failure), so that the prints are always free from banding. Wallpaper produced with a Xeikon press matches offset quality and is the result of a prepress workflow that includes automated tiling, guaranteeing a seamless result.

3. Make it dry strippable

Arguably the best thing about office wallpaper, from a client’s point of view anyway, is that it not only looks amazing, but also allows you to regularly give your interior a make-over without having to make a large investment. A traveling agency might, for instance, switch up their reception area to put the spotlight on their most popular destination every season, or a restaurant might change their feature wall depending on their monthly menus. Printing your office wallpaper on non-woven paper is a must, then, as it is both easy to apply and dry-strippable.

4. Only settle for scratch-proof

High-quality office wallpaper, evidently, has to be scratch-proof and easy to clean in case of little mishaps. Again, printing on non-woven paper is the way to go. It is washable and neither shrinks nor expands no matter the conditions. Pair it with the Xeikon web varnishing module, and you can rest assured your office wallpaper will be one of the sturdiest on the market. Water-based, the varnish is harmless whatsoever.

5. Don’t forget about light-fastness

When deciding on ink or toner for printing wallpaper, don’t forget to take light-fastness into account. Chances are your wallpaper is going to be exposed to sunlight and you don’t want the colors to fade prematurely (or even at all). No worries if you print digitally using Xeikon dry toner, however, which has an excellent Blue Wool Scale score between 6 and 8. 

Office wallpaper inspiration

About to design or print your next batch of office wallpaper? Come have a chat with us at Heimtextil and be sure to check out the inspiring office wallpaper designs we lined up for you.