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Xeikon to introduce innovative wall covering solutions at Heimtextil

Commercial printing Xeikon to introduce innovative wall covering solutions at Heimtextil


by Dimitri Van Gaever

At its third Heimtextil Xeikon will showcase highly unique wall paper designs produced using its wall decoration production suite. Xeikon will be located in Hall 6, in Frankfurt, from January 10 to 13 2017, next to the Heimtextil theme park. In addition to the live printing of unique wall coverings, the display will feature printed patterns and murals projected using new video mapping techniques. This will provide visitors with a “virtual reality” like experience and present the creativity of digitally produced wallcoverings.

Inspire with brand-new possibilities

“We have more than 15 years’ experience supporting clients producing innovative wallpaper offerings and are the only supplier that offers a complete tailored solution for this market. At Heimtextil we want to demonstrate the amazing results digital printing can achieve and inspire more designers to embrace the creative freedom and production flexibility digital print enables. Our booth will partly be a ‘black box’ onto which we will use video mapping technology to show the designs our technology is producing during the show. We will be presenting all the different capabilities as realistically as possible so architects and designers can quickly grasp how incorporating digital printing into the mix can revolutionize their practices. Our goal is to inspire them with the brand-new possibilities digital printing of wall coverings and other interior décor offers to them and their clients.”

Filip Weymans, Xeikon Vice President of Marketing

Xeikon 3500

Running on the stand will be Xeikon’s flagship five-colour Xeikon 3500 digital press. It will show how simple and easy it is to produce eye-catching digital print at 600 m2 per hour in widths up to 516mm (20.3”). 

The Xeikon 3500 will be demonstrated in a fully functional end-to-end configuration with a Web Varnishing Module (WVM) with aqueous varnish for scratch and scuff protection of the end-product. At the show, Xeikon also demonstrates for the first time its new wallpaper rewinder: the WMR. This unit delivers perfectly finished rolls at the end of the process. This is the most productive solution on the market for digital wallcoverings, photo murals, patterns and short run wallpaper. Sample wall coverings will be produced using an array of new substrates from partners that include Felix Schoeller, Neu Kaliss, Lahnpaper and Glatfelter.

Special developed coatings & live production of wal coverings

Xeikon and its Aura partners will also be showing special developed coatings that create gold and embossing effects while specific Xeikon colors and UV reflective toners deliver a host of effects that make these digitally printed wall coverings both unique and compelling. And because they are printed digitally on demand, smaller runs are cost-effective to produce, giving architects and interior designers the ability to deliver the kinds of unique interior décor that clients are looking for as they seek to differentiate themselves.

In addition to live production of wall coverings and murals in the stand, an array of additional samples will be on hand to highlight even more possibilities that will further inspire designers and architects.

Fantastic opportunity

“We are excited to be back at Heimtextil in 2017, showcasing unique solutions that will bring value to the Heimtextil audience as they look for ways to differentiate themselves. Attendees will be pleased to learn that the Xeikon dry toner printing process complies with international standards for interior decoration, comprehensively supporting end user requirements. Heimtextil presents a fantastic opportunity for us to engage directly with interior designers and architects and to inspire them to take their interior décor ideas to a new level, and to connect with existing and prospective Xeikon customers who are attending the event.”

Filip Weymans, Xeikon Vice President of Marketing


Xeikon, a division of Flint Group, is a long-standing leader and innovator in digital printing technology. Grounded in the principles of quality, flexibility and sustainability, Xeikon designs, develops and delivers web-fed digital colour presses for label and packaging applications, document printing, and commercial printing. These presses utilise LED-array-based electrophotography, open workflow software and application-specific toners.

As an OEM supplier, Xeikon also designs and produces plate makers for newspaper printing applications. In addition, Xeikon manufactures basysPrint computer-to-conventional plate (CtCP) solutions for the commercial offset printing market. For the flexographic market, Xeikon offers digital platemaking systems under the ThermoFlexX brand name. ThermoFlexX systems provide high-resolution plate exposure combined with unique plate handling, flexibility and unmatched productivity

In 2015, Xeikon joined Flint Group to create a new “Digital Printing Solutions” division for the leading global print consumables and solution provider to the packaging and print media industries. Flint Group develops and manufactures an extensive portfolio of printing consumables. These include a vast range of conventional and energy-curable inks and coatings, pressroom chemicals, printing plates and equipment, printing blankets and sleeves, and pigments and additives for use in inks and other colorant applications. Headquartered in Luxembourg, Flint Group employs some 7900 people. On a worldwide basis, the company is the number one or number two supplier in every major market segment it serves.

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