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Xeikon announces record sales in US and Canada


by Danny Mertens

Xeikon reported a record sales year in North America with figures over 70% and it is now positioned for even greater success in 2017. 

Benefits of digital technology

“We have sold multiple units to large commercial printing companies, direct mail companies, major retailers, and promotional item companies and have been successful in the Document (Direct Mail) space along with the Tag and Label market. We have already booked a number of orders this year and are now expanding our efforts into the HT (Heat Transfer), IML (In-Mold Label), and FC (Folding Carton) markets.

We believe the markets increasingly recognize the benefits of digital technology and especially appreciate our unique ability to deliver very high quality in short runs. The market is expanding and companies who had not considered buying a digital press due to complexity or cost of acquisition are seeing that they can now make the move into digital press technology with Xeikon.

The greatest compliment for me is when existing customers buy another press. Some are on their third or fourth Xeikon engine in as many years. When they come back and buy from us, it means they are making money with their investment, and that we are taking good care of them."

Dave Wilkins, Vice President Sales and Marketing US & Canada

Recently launched 9800 series presses

Among our solutions proving popular for commercial printers and retailers is the recently launched 9800 series presses. In fact, a big player in the North-American retail market, bought two to support the production of its own marketing materials. The entry-level Xeikon 3030 is also attracting interest from small to midsize companies moving into digital production, thanks to its great value and high quality. Multiple companies chose to upgrade to faster technology, including Label Aid Inc., Huron, OH, who chose the fastest high quality press, the Cheetah CX3.

Key attractions for customers

“We are priced to help small and midsize companies afford the move into digital with no sacrifice of quality, productivity, and flexibility. These companies need reliable systems that perform day in and day out for them. We have proven our ability to do that.

Another key attraction for customers is our sales and support team. We have a solid sales team that truly understands the market dynamics. Customers trust us to help them make the right decisions while our expert service organization ensures maximum press up-time.

The timing is right for Xeikon with our offer of the best value/quality/reliability in the markets we serve.”

Dave Wilkins, Vice President Sales and Marketing US & Canada


Xeikon, a division of Flint Group, is a long-standing leader and innovator in digital printing technology. Grounded in the principles of quality, flexibility and sustainability, Xeikon designs, develops and delivers web-fed digital colour presses for label and packaging applications, document printing, and commercial printing. These presses utilise LED-array-based electrophotography, open workflow software and application-specific toners.

As an OEM supplier, Xeikon also designs and produces plate makers for newspaper printing applications. In addition, Xeikon manufactures basysPrint computer-to-conventional plate (CtCP) solutions for the commercial offset printing market. For the flexographic market, Xeikon offers digital platemaking systems under the ThermoFlexX brand name. ThermoFlexX systems provide high-resolution plate exposure combined with unique plate handling, flexibility and unmatched productivity

In 2015, Xeikon joined Flint Group to create a new “Digital Printing Solutions” division for the leading global print consumables and solution provider to the packaging and print media industries. Flint Group develops and manufactures an extensive portfolio of printing consumables. These include a vast range of conventional and energy-curable inks and coatings, pressroom chemicals, printing plates and equipment, printing blankets and sleeves, and pigments and additives for use in inks and other colorant applications. Headquartered in Luxembourg, Flint Group employs some 7900 people. On a worldwide basis, the company is the number one or number two supplier in every major market segment it serves.

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