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Stuck for inspiration? Check our top direct mail ideas!

Commercial printing Direct mail


by Dimitri Van Gaever

What makes some direct mail campaigns more successful than others? The answer is simple: they establish an emotional connection with the consumer. A successful campaign manages to arouse their curiosity, make them laugh, touch their hearts, … and in some cases even makes them feel a little anxious.

Top 5 of direct mail ideas

In other words, if you want your direct mail to be a hit with the crowd, you’re going to need to put on your creative hat. Got no idea where your next idea is coming from? No worries. We’ve lined up a top 5 of direct mail ideas that are bound to inspire.

5. Talk about a direct mail idea that sticks out!

This very creative direct mail piece designed by Clemenger Proximity for Advance Pet Food turns letterboxes into hungry pets. The format is as simple as it is clever: a rubber tongue is attached to a letter which is then strategically placed into the mailbox. Why this funny campaign comes in ‘only’ fifth, you ask? Well, just imagine how great it would have been had they personally addressed the recipients and their pets, and included a personalized map through variable data printingLearn more on direct mail personalization.

4. Screaming for attention


A playschool chain called Planet Kids had the illuminous idea to let their target audience’s children do the talking for them. This self-mailer just can’t wait to be turned into a hand puppet!

3. How on earth did that get there?

Ads of the World

This smart (and kind of scary) direct mail idea is the brainchild of security company ADT, who wanted to make their target audience more aware of how easy homes without security systems can be broken into. They slid the direct mail under the front door while flattened, after which a set of rubber bands compressed and transformed the mail into a box that contained more information on ADT’s products and services. Mission accomplished? We’re inclined to say yes.

2. A creative idea with a sad twist


Direct mail hardly gets any more powerful than this envelope created by JWT Singapore for In Touch Community Service, who wanted to counter the common misconception that volunteering with them to save lives takes a lot of training and effort. The power of this direct mail is in the symbolism the recipient engages in. By simply opening the mail, they free a child who’s about to commit suicide from its noose, and are reminded of the fact that they too have the ability to save a life.

1. Magnetic direct mail design by Skoda

When Skoda wanted to inform their (potential) customers of a new park assist feature, they wanted to do so with an interactive direct mailing campaign so fun recipients wouldn’t be able to resist sharing it on social media. Skoda opted to make the direct mail a postcard that contained a small car recipients could tear off and place on the other side of the card. Once the recipient let go of the car, hidden magnets took over and pulled the car neatly into the tiny parking spot pictured on the card. What a clever yet oh so simple direct mail idea!

Hungry for more inspiration?

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