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Live from Xeikon at Labelexpo Europe: Print Awards

Labels Live from Xeikon at Labelexpo Europe: Print Awards


by Filip Weymans

Every label holds a promise. The promise of an outstanding product, of an exceptional experience. Xeikon digital printing technology tries to do the product and the label justice by providing the technical means and features required for that perfect execution.

And the winners are...

Within the Digital Solutions category of the 13th Annual Flint Group Print Awards, printers from all over the world submitted labels in various categories, and we asked 2 jury experts to select the finest of the finest.

David Zwang judged the labels on production quality based on his years of technical expertise and experience.

Deborah Corn, who has years of print buying experience, assessed the general look and feel. All decisions were made unanimously.

Without further ado, we proudly present the winners of the Xeikon Digital Solutions Awards 2017, and share what the judges had to say on the winning labels.

The overall winner: Kiwi Labels from New Zealand

“This is truly spectacular, it just jumps off the shelf. The various embellishment techniques elevate one another and culminate in the ultimate eye-catcher. This label truly allows both printer and customer to differentiate themselves from the competition. Amazing.”

Winner category ‘Food’: GS LabelPrint, Greece

“A celebration of the highlighting capabilities and meticulous resolution rendering of the Xeikon 3030. An exceptional harmony of ink and print.”

Winner category ‘Health and beauty’: Kimoha, Dubai

“An exquisitely subtle label that exudes the luxury it is supposed to represent. An unexpected yet fine example of print on metallized media.”

Winner category ‘Spirits’: The Label Makers, UK

“This label makes complicated look simple. Different techniques get highlighted in unison, without outshining one another. We’re intrigued by its intricate beauty.”

Winner category ‘Wine’: Eticom, Mexico

“A fine label to behold. Solid blacks, foil, varnish, embossing - it holds great promise. If the content fits the label, this wine would be priceless.”

Winner category ‘Nutricials/pharmaceutical’: KwalityOffset, India

“A testament to the technical agility of the Xeikon 3030 Plus - this label sports outstanding embellishments. The perfect shiny boost for a boosting product.”

Winner category ‘Self-promotion’: Rapid Labels, New Zealand

“This print marvel reveals the true capabilities the Xeikon XC3. It combines all technical highlights of the printer and illustrates the true beauty of print quality done right.”

Winner category ‘Beverage’: CS Labels, UK

“A multi layer label that shows proof of real craftsmanship executed to the perfection. Making the most of the capabilities of a Xeikon CX3. ‘So you think you can print a label?’ This printer surely can!”

And on the beverage runner-up, NDP (Australia), the judges said: “Multiple embellishment techniques coexist harmoniously onto just the one label. The perfect execution validates the quintessential value of the design. A refreshing take on beverage labels.”

Winner category ‘Specials/technology innovation’: CDigital, USA

“This took us by surprise - it is a truly unique application we would never have considered a label print. And yet this printer proved creativity overcomes all. We’re hooked!”