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How to deal with the short run, small production, variable data conundrum

How to deal with the short run, small production, variable data conundrum Workflow


by Jeroen Van Bauwel

When you’ve got 99 problems but a label ain’t one, you’re in a good place. But what if you need a step-up to help your business boost without blowing it all? Read on.


So, you’ve decided to get in on some label action, and now things are starting to blow up. You started on a smaller scale, got hooked on the industry and now customers want more of what you have to offer. We get it - there are worse situations to be in, but it’s all too easy to let that business just slip through your fingers.

A similar thing happened to Comex in recent years. It started out small and expanded into one of the biggest and most recognized manufacturing brands in the Polish and international label printing market. Today, it produces an impressive 750 million labels per year for more than 650 customers.

Xeikon Label Discovery Package

The question is, how did Comex manage such growth in a way that it stayed focused on its strengths rather than lose its core values in the wake of expansion? Simple: the smart way, by utilizing innovative technologies and novel top-quality substrates into its label stock. You’d think this meant that it had to go bigger and bolder as a result. Well, you’d be surprised. 
Want in on the secret? Comex rode the power of variable data by investing in a Xeikon Label Discovery Package. With a dynamic workflow at its disposal, the Polish print powerhouse took back control of its own destiny.

With over 30 years of experience in the print business, Comex’s diverse portfolio of customers demanded the very best label quality. It had previously invested in Xeikon 3300 label press, but as demand grew it knew it needed to expand its digital printing hardware. It needed a production solution that could expand with its business and complement the power and accuracy of its setup. 

“Dry toner is irreplaceable when printing on absorbent materials. The stability, color intensity and ‘smoothness’ of the print made with this technology mean that we must have it in our portfolio, which is why we bought a new Xeikon 3030 machine earlier this year,” reveals Marzena Kostrzewa, VP at Comex. “The new software significantly improved the preparation of complex personalized works and shortened the time of changing the raw materials printed on the machine.”

Xeikon X-800

Did we want to sell Comex a big machine? Of course. But Xeikon hasn’t built its reputation on one-off solutions. We’re in it for the long haul. That’s where the X-800 came in. Comex didn’t just need the capacity to print labels, but the ability to accurately analyze its business and seek the right opportunities with its clientele. It didn’t want to go all-out with the variable data, but it soon realized having the right workflow in place makes all the difference.

The Xeikon X-800 is more than just a workflow. It’s a platform designed to empower organizations with data that saves time and increases efficiency across the board. This powerful digital tool combines prepress, data processing and press operation functionality, enabling users to manage and print even the most complex variable data jobs with unprecedented ease. Unique to Xeikon, the X-800 is a complete platform that completely removes the need for multiple software products.

But what’s the magic ingredient that makes the X-800 a difference maker? The answer is metadata. In tandem with our included Metadata module, customers can streamline variable data jobs with variable data that’s as simple or as complex as they want it to be. It opens up a world of possibilities for their print projects. From tracking product from print to the point of delivery, to protect the business from counterfeiting with sequential numbers or barcodes.

So, why should you consider leveraging the benefits of variable data into your print setup?

●    It’s fast, flexible and dynamic.
●    No extra tools or steps are required in prepress.
●    Easy integration within customer environment.
●    Comes with support for high-end variable data jobs.
●    Increases efficiency. Drastically.

The Xeikon X-800 creates an optimal imposition scheme for labels with identical size and in different quantities. Resulting in a reduction of label stock usage and a decrease in production time.


Looking for a TLDR summary of why you should come and have a quick chat with us at Labelexpo? Here are three reasons why:

1.    Confidently push your production solution to its fullest potential.
2.    Make it profitable by engaging it with variable data.
3.    Keep customers happy by showing how they can scale up without compromising quality.

Time to transform? Don’t think you have to go at it alone. There is no just the one scenario for such a transformation. Depending on your business strategy, you need to be able to make conscious choices when it comes to selecting the right print technology, workflow setup, converting processes, etc. Check our brand-new TRANSFORM platform, it’s the perfect tool that guides you along the way by means of questions, answers, recommendations.

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