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Chinese first for Xeikon 3020

Labels Chinese first for Xeikon 3020


by Danny Mertens

Xeikon has installed China’s first Xeikon 3020 five color label press at Xiamen Yu Long Printing Co. Xiamen Yu Long Printing Co was founded in 2004. The label and folding carton operation’s portfolio of products includes leaflets, posters, brochures and packing boxes. Its key customers are from the garment, health and beauty sectors. The Xeikon 3020 joins Xiamen Yu Long’s sheetfed, rotary letter press and offset web presses.

Successfully cooperation

“Our maximum width of converting lines for coating, foiling and die cutting is 10 inches, which is why the 3020 format is a perfect fit. The ability to print variety of substrates, including PP, PET, PE, paper and metalized paper, was also important in our decision to buy. It fits the size and speed of our finishing equipment, and the Xeikon ICE toner allows us to work successfully with heat-sensitive material.”

Mr. Li Yin Long, Director of Xiamen Yu Long

Specifically designed

The Xeikon 3020 was specifically designed to address the Chinese 10-inch market for self-adhesive labels. This extension of the well-established 3000 series of Xeikon label presses delivers unmatched quality and productivity. Businesses can field upgrade their presses to faster speeds and larger sizes as their businesses grow and their needs change.

Not the last Xeikon at Xiamen!

“We also liked having the flexibility of upgrading both speed and size later without a huge investment. We have been pleasantly surprised with the press’s output and quality. In the first month using a single shift, we produced more than 50,000 meters of print, and we are planning to start a second shift soon. The installation and training process went well. I can guarantee you that this will not be the last Xeikon to be installed at Xiamen!

Mr. Li Yin Long, Director of Xiamen Yu Long

More growth opportunities in China

“Xeikon’s installed base in China is growing fast, and there are many more opportunities for growth in the label sector. Xeikon is totally committed to providing best-in-class service with a local service presence to support our growing customer base. As part of the Flint Group, we already have a strong presence in the narrow web label market and stand ready to support our customers as they add digital printing capabilities to their businesses.”

Jackie Chen, Sales Manager of Xeikon Greater China